January 23, 2011

A legend to make his mark through time, unwavering skills to be a threat for confronting batsman and crowning Pakistan with the ostentatious victory in 1992 Cricket World Cup, Wasim Akram is undoubtedly a remarkable cricketer of all time. He has provided cricket with a series of events to remember which still remain in the minds of his fans throughout the globe.

Wasim Akram, a left-handed bowler, having thriving qualities, captained the team and assisted them in building incompatible skills to overcome every obstacle faced on the cricket field.

He has laid down numerous moments to be proud of by being an inseparable part of Pakistani Cricket Team, yet stayed international cricket icon. His incomparable qualities to stand out as an international player were seen into action with his inclusion in the cricket in 1998. Akram holds record of a series of excellent achievements which made him a special part of the team apparently motivating the young players of the streets to dream crossing the boundaries with passion to make dreams a reality.

With the commencement of his career as an international player Akram enjoyed success not only at domestic level but also made his place in the hearts of many cricket lovers internationally.
He was born with the gift of becoming a reputed left-handed bowler, who can swing both ways considering the length, control and all the significant technicalities of bowling. With the honor of achieving fame of being youngest bowler through prodigy of getting 10 wickets in a test against New Zealand, his talent cannot be gauged with any instrument invented. He has remained opened to suggestions, by giving himself the chances to learn a lot from his mentors, keeping in mind each move to attack the rival in front.

With the pace plausible and fast enough to make the batsman sustain his position difficult Wasim remained a figure to be followed by youngsters. As possessing lethal Yorker talent and mastery of reverse swing it is easy for him to take down stumps as stated by a various renowned players.

“Over my 15 or 16 years of playing international cricket in Tests and One Day Internationals, Wasim Akram is definitely the most outstanding bowler I’ve ever faced.”
— Former West Indies batsman Brian Lara

“He could bowl four balls in an over on the same spot and get them to do four different things.”
— Former Australian batsman Mark Taylor

In ODI’s he has the honor of scoring record runs, highest number of Man of the Match along with Four Hat-tricks in international cricket. His outstanding journey throughout his career remained success oriented and close to making record with each swing on the pitch. Eventually, qualities becoming need of every player showing their talent on the field similar to Akram can change history of Pakistan Cricket.

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