May 11, 2012

Discovered by the famous cricketer Imran Khan himself, Wasim Akram was an extraordinary and very talented player. Akram initially started playing for his college in Lahore and was an opening bowler. Wasim Akram as a fast pace bowler was possesses by natural and genuine pace and fast bowling skills. His ability to control the pace of the ball, accuracy and seam was superb. On top of that he could swing the ball inside and outside.

Akram’s ability to conceal the bowl from the batsmen and deceive them made him an excellent bowler from both sides of the wicket. As a master reverse swinger of the ball Wasim Akram at the end of any match’s innings was the deadliest. Thus he earned the nickname ‘Sultan of Swing’.

Wasim Akram had the profound ability to find the edge of the bat of any batsmen as well put all his focus on the destruction of the stumps. In every single form the game Wasim Akram had an impressive record due to his versatility in the game. Playing 104 test matches he took 414 test wickets with an average of 23.63.

Akram was much of strike bowler like Waqar Younis but Akram was considered as being the mainstay of the Pakistan bowling lineup for a majority of his career. Akram’s one day international career was even more extraordinary playing only 356 ODI’s and outwitting batsmen 502 times. He was the first ever bowler to take 400 and 500 wickets in ODI’s.

His bowling economy rate was a meager 3.89 followed by his death spells. Akram was also a decent batsman and has scored 3,717 run with an average rate being 16.52. Wasim contributing 414 Test wickets and 502 ODI wickets was truly an awesome bowler.

Wasim Akram first class career was also very amazing as he took over a 1000 first class wickets being the only one out of a few other selected bowlers. During a one day first class internationals he took 881 wickets by giving an average of 21.91. A majority of first class matches were played by Akram in Pakistan. However he also played county cricket being a part of Lancashire and other prestigious names.

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