January 13, 2011

Wasim Akram a legendary left fast bowler who is given the title of ‘the sultan of swing’ is considered to be one of the greatest bowlers in the world.

The former Pakistan captain was also achieved the Wisden Player of 1993. Wasim Akram was also the first amongst fast bowlers to achieve the highest numbers of wickets in a one day international which was 502 wickets. His bowling style was accompanied with his brilliant economy rate of 3.89.

Along with being a master bowler he actually was a good batsman as well. Akram made a total of 3717 one day international runs at a fair average of 16.52.

To further his exceptional cricket career Akram also used to play county cricket for Lancashire. During the very last stages of his career before retirement Akram played for Hampshire for a bit as well.

Wasim Akram’s fight against diabetes began when he was diagnosed with diabetes at the peak of his career in the year of 1997. It was in the middle of a test series. Akram’s father dragged to him to the doctor for a proper diagnosis. He showed symptoms of diabetes before actually being diagnosed. Akram experienced loss of appetite and extreme thirst followed by the desire to sleep for hours.

Wasim Akram began to lose weight and felt tired in the middle of the day. This is when his father insisted to take Akram to a doctor to get a checkup.

It was a terrible experience for the legend as Wasim Akram explained in his interviews that he used to get pretty low and depressed. Everybody around was worried about how his illness was going to affect his game.
Akram couldn’t believe that this was happening to him, he was physically fit and in top condition always. And diabetes usually happens to people who are over 50. But gradually Wasim Akram began to fight against diabetes.

Akram explained that diabetes can happen to anyone. And in this country there is not much awareness of the fact that diabetes is indeed a very serious illness. He further explained that diabetes can easily happen to people who have a poor diet with no indulgence in physical activities.

Wasim Akram was told to keep quiet; his parents insisted that he doesn’t announce it to the world that he had diabetes. But in spite of that in order to make the people of Pakistan and the subcontinent aware diabetes he announced it. He accepted it with open arms and lived actively, he worked out and it never influenced his exceptional form in cricket.

After Wasim Akram’s fight against diabetes was over and he accepted that he had diabetes he chose to help other people become aware of it. He wanted to let the people know that diabetes is indeed manageable only if the person is determined enough.

Written By: Shamir Khan
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