March 13, 2013

Cricket fans have learned to love him for his superior sportsmanship and his unending persona that brightens up the very concept of the game. People close to him know him for an intelligent and a just human being and for his family he means the world to them. He is none other but the unparallel ‘Sultan of Swing’ – Wasim Akram.

We at GAME (Global Athlete Management Experts) have found Akram to be a blend of personal experience, expertise, and professionalism that reflects throughout his character. We have had the honor to serve a national hero for over 3 years now and are delighted to have such a name, trust us and our services.

Akram displays nothing but pinnacle orders of commitment and finesse. He knows exactly what he wants, he takes his time and he gets the job done. One of the many qualities that struck us the most is his ultimate obligation to punctuality. Many would consider a legend of his stature to often arrive stylishly-late to an event but that holds no truth for our client. Akram has always shown extreme timekeeping and expects others to do the same.


Akram also believes in sharing his knowledge and his experience with the people around him, especially youngsters, whom he believes have the potential to change Cricket around. He is always open to workshops, coaching sessions and seminars provided they do not clash with his prior engagements. As previously discussed, Akram is not one of those people who changes dates, cancels on appearances or goes back on his word.

Our team has been graced by his witty wisdom on various occasions and has learned a thing or two about keeping on our toes in this industry.

“He is the perfect client; he knows what he wants out from a project and makes certain no small detail goes unattended. He is fun to work with and it leaves me in awed every time I see his love for the game that is absolute and resolved.”Arsalan H. Shah, Business and Media Manager to Wasim Akram.

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