June 1, 2011

During every game Wasim Akram has shown divergent performances according to the need of the game and the confronting opponent. Wasim did the same in the year 1996, when Pakistan played a test match against Zimbabwe in Sheikhpura and scored his highest score elevating his success records.

He cracked down the hopes of Zimbabweans who were gathered to support their team. Victory of Pakistan was not obvious due to the trouble faced in the midst of play. At the score of 138 and fall of 7 wickets Wasim Akram managed to safe the team by giving his best shots which were never seen before.

Wasim with the help of Saqlain Mushtaq pushed the score from 138 runs towards more to win. Their sustained partnership took Pakistan out of the dilemma of losing the match at the eleventh hour. During this memorable match Wasim Akram scored double a century which gave his fans another reason to admire this lethal fast bowler.

With smashing 22 fours and outstanding record of 12 sixes Wasim reached at 257 runs. An honor to be included in the record of International Cricket as Wasim completed 257 without a single success of Zimbabwean bowlers. This test match gave much fame to Wasim as an all rounder who could safe his team in the most difficult battle against any team. To deal with difficult situations with enthusiasm is a sign of a champion which Wasim Akram had made evident during every match he played for his country.

Wasim’s decision was to secure a good score against Zimbabwe. As the eighth player Wasim played well with the bat and scored the highest score of his cricket career. Not only had he smashed the ball out of the boundary many times but unremittingly made the wickets fall quickly.

Wasim showed immense talent with his wise strategy and confidence to stick to the field when no wickets were left to rely upon. The prominence of an icon was revealed well with efforts that bestowed a victory in the hands of the Pakistan cricket team.

Written by: Kiran Khalil
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