July 10, 2011

The King of Swing knows how to swing the ball right, especially when it comes to the accuracy of control and length. Wasim Akram the ‘Sultan of Swing’ has made his position in domestic and international cricket with immense talent and mastery over in-swings and out-swings. His talent associated him with various cricket clubs of repute.

Wasim not only remained an integral part of the Pakistan Cricket Team but also represented teams like Lancashire, Pakistan Automobiles Corporation, Pakistan International Airlines, Hampshire and Lahore.
His breath-taking performance in every match has stunned the audiences throughout his career, which eventually made him a legend. Every delivery had magic in it to outshine the swing and knock-out the rival. This ability has taken him towards the top among his fellow cricketers.

During the Wills Cup 1989, a match held between Pakistan Automobiles Corporation and Pakistan International Affairs. Wasim represented Pakistan International Airlines and showed one of his best performances. Pakistan International Airlines won the toss but decided to field that gave them an opportunity to strike the other team with best bowlers including Wasim Akram. The decision was proved right after few hours of play when Wasim took 4 wickets and ultimately decreased the run rate.

Wasim’s strike sent Umar Rasheed, Shahid Mehboob, Ayaz Jilani and Aqib Javed to the pavilion with no prominent score on the score board. Another moment of joy was recorded during the match when Wasim Akram took a Hat-trick and became Man of the Match.

At the score of 203 Pakistan International Airlines made Pakistan Automobiles Corporation leave the charge. This gave them another chance to perform well in the beginning to take away the ground. Eventually, brilliant swings by Wasim were witnessed at the National Stadium Karachi. The supporters of Pakistan International Airlines and fans of Wasim gleefully enjoyed the final innings which ended at 206.

The play against Pakistan Automobiles Corporation was another victory for Wasim Akram and his bowling.

Written by: Kiran Khalil
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