April 25, 2011

A celebrity like Wasim Akram is meant to be an asset which gives pride to our country throughout the world. The left-handed fast bowler knows every trick to make a batsman insecure of his place on the field. Wasim held the top position as a bowler during his cricket career and afterward, a person to look up to as a legend to be followed.

Wasim Akram’s image remained prominent due to his superlative reverse swing bowling which has been accepted legally as a feature of cricket. People in Pakistan and all around the globe recognize Wasim as the ‘sultan of swing’ who has worked hard to sustain his good image. With the personification of perfection, this six feet tall man has made records worth mentioning. After his career, he stayed connected with several campaigns that carried out their work for the betterment of people. Not to forget his involvement in media as a brand manager of Jazz and Lifebuoy, which gave a boost to his image.

Recently, being part of an environmental campaign Earth Hour Wasim Akram pledged to stop the usage of plastic bags. In 2003, he took retirement from cricket and joined to be a cricket commentator. He took up the job of a sportscaster for a reputed sports channel ESPN. He did host shows on ARY DIGITAL and HUM TV. One of his contributions includes working as an advisor for varying cricket boards. He is one of the best commentators of the cricket world, which was noted during the ICC 2011 World Cup matches.

His contributions to raise awareness for diabetes are worth mentioning. Wasim’s efforts as a vanguard to safe people from diabetes has many stories involved. Wasim also remained an integral part of world of cricket commentary in 2008 for Women Cricket World Cup. There are series of matches which can be mentioned when we talk about Wasim Akram as he did a fine job in making those matches more intriguing with his expertise and bird’s eye view to point out each move.

He has not only sustained his image during his career as a bowler but also made an everlasting impact in the media by persistently doing productive work. Each move he made has mounted his national and international representation ten times higher as an icon than one can imagine.

Written by: Kiran Khalil
For more information: info@wasimakramlive.com

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