May 9, 2011

Wasim Akram is amongst the greatest fast bowlers and all round cricketers the world has known. He was a left fast arm bowler, and also a left handed batsman. Wasim Akram holds the world record for the most wickets taken, and is the second bowler to take 502 wickets in One Day International Matches.

Wasim Akram was spotted by the legend Javed Miandad in trials at the Qaddafi Stadium in Lahore, at whose insistence Wasim Akram was included in the Pakistan Team. Later Imran Khan became his mentor in 1989 in Australia.

In Pakistan’s tour of the West Indies in 1988, Wasim Akram was the fastest bowler of both teams. Wasim Akram took a total of 414 wickets in Test Cricket. Wasim’s best bowling figures in Test Cricket were 119 runs given for seven wickets, and in One Day Internationals, he took five wickets for only 15 runs.

Wasim Akram’s greatest achievement was his role when Pakistan won the World Cup in Australia in 1992. Although it is was his all round performance that won him the Man of the Match award, his devastating bowling that bowled out Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis was what Wasim Akram is remembered for. His all round performance secured the World Cup for Pakistan.

Wasim Akram was the master of swing bowling. Waqar Younus and Wasim Akram are credited as the most lethal bowling partnership in the history of Cricket. Although Waqar Younus complemented Wasim Akram, still when it came to deception, no bowler ever came close to Wasim Akram. The greatest batsmen in the world like Sachin Tendulakar, Brian Lara, De Silva Sangakara and Jayasuria all spoke with awe about Wasim Akram’s bowling.

Wasim Akram had fantastic balance and a very quick arm, and he could swing the ball in a different manner with every delivery. It was his unmatched ability to reverse swing the ball that was Wasim’s strongest point, and the one he was the most recognized for.

Wasim Akram was a brilliant bowler on any pitch, and could reverse swing the ball in any condition. No matter what type of pitch it was flat pitch, slow pitch or quick pitch, Wasim Akram thrived on all pitches and bowled equally well on all pitches in the world.

Wasim Akram’s cricket career had many upheavals, especially when he was the captain. There were persistent rumors of dis-satisfaction amongst the players. In spite of the pressures of being captain of a very temperamental team, it is his dedication to cricket and his very strong character that he went on to be inducted in the Cricket Hall of Fame. He was a cricketer who made the ball do his bidding on any pitch and the ball being in any condition.

Written by: Ifrah Waqar.
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