May 6, 2011

An icon that will always be looked upon by every cricket player in Pakistan, Wasim Akram has created wonders on the field and has continued to spread his charm off field with his commentary. Shortly after retirement Wasim has taken cricket commentary as his career which has redefined his analytical skills to professionally observe every move of players within the ground. Wasim has done commentary for different television channels including ESPN Star Sports and ARY Digital which increased his popularity and demand, at the same time.

His commentary session included various remarkable tournaments that are part of the cricket world. There are some of the most exciting and worth mentioning matches which Wasim has taken charge of commenting, including Women’s Cricket World Cup 2009, ICC World Twenty20 2009 held in England, ICC champions Trophy of 2009 in South Africa and ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. To project a genuine perfect persona of the players with a professional streak is a skill that sets Wasim apart from his other fellow commentators.

The unique style of commenting, taking into consideration every aspect which is necessary to portray to the listeners and spectators, Wasim has been scoring his sixes within the commentary room with his expertise. To rank him among the other commentators cannot be justified as every commentator has its own style which makes them special in their own manner.

Akram is working as a regular ESPN Star Sports commentator which has sustained his high profile in his media career. Wasim has been able to teach many the art of noticing the spaces that are left unnoticed during a match with his keen observation. As a bowler he has been thriving to win the hearts of his fans, which apparently is seen during his commentary career.

His broad vision has inspired our players in a positive way and made them realize of the mistakes which are made on the field. There is a lot to learn from this legend if the players follow his advice which can be taken from his commentary during different matches.

Performing at the International level and then again getting associated with the field; it is easy for Wasim Akram to grab every move which depicts the intentions of the bowlers and the batsmen. Wasim Akram’s flawless commentary enchants his fans all around the world who love to hear him commenting the shifts and progress on the field while bestowing his listeners with his highly professional advice.

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