January 18, 2011

Memories of Wasim Akram charging down the pitch like a gladiator on the battle field will remain in hearts and minds of his fans for ages. He always had charm, charisma and glamor. Long hair combed back, gold chain swinging in his neck and white ball firmly gripped in his left hand looked immaculate to people of all ages. To date Wasim Akram has an exquisite personality that has inspired many of his fans to follow his healthy lifestyle.

Wasim Akram as a celebrity has proved that he is man born with a distinct fate. He has excelled in all dimensions of his media activities. I will be broadly discussing his major activities aired on television channels.

First was the interactive quiz show launched by the leading broadcaster ESPN Star Sports titled as “Stumped’’. They aired the show with the legendary former captain of Pakistani cricket team. Wasim Akram was the celebrity guest and the response was over whelming from cricket fans around the globe.

Secondly, Wasim Akram has been on his toes to promote corporate social responsibility with Pakistan’s largest telecommunication company Mobilink. He has been an active participant in promotion of social activities. Wasim Akram within his cricket saga and after sports life has been making continuous efforts to make our nation proud.

He is the latest brand ambassador for Mobilink Pakistan. The company has always associated its self with celebrities of every industry. Wasim Akram is the first television sports celebrity that has hooked up with Mobilink and plans to support them in all cricket initiatives like service provider to PCB and sponsorships of cricket events.

Wasim Akram as a celebrity and a cricketer has been in constant lure for working towards development of Cricket at grass roots level, through talent hunts, cricket clinics, coaching programs and bowling tip segments. He is in the hope to produce more legends like him in the future. He will continue these efforts by partnering with prestigious brands of Pakistan.

With everything kept aside, he has been a great spokesperson with immaculate confidence and stature. I would love to quote his words that he delivered at Mobilink’s ceremony.

‘’I am happy to be associated with Mobilink as our relationship will play an integral and decisive role in the establishment of elementary cricket clinics in the country. It is a pleasure for me to work with a company that is concerned with promoting new talent and for the development of the game we all love. I am sure, Insh’Allah, together we will be able to spot world-class talent from within Pakistan in the future”.

Wasim Akram as a celebrity is now ready to make history by acting debut in a renowned Indian director’s upcoming movie titled as Patiala House. The evergreen legend is ready to stamp him self in the hearts of Indian movie fans. He has embarked on a journey to be remembered for generations to come. The movie is apparently based on cricket and Wasim Akram will play as a coach to Akshay Kumar.

Pakistan has yet many reasons that are numerous to be proud of Wasim Akram. The legend is a true role model for Pakistani youth who wish to excel in all career dimensions.

Written by: Sehban Sehti

For more information: info@wasimakramlive.com

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