January 27, 2011

There are several outstanding aspects to Wasim Akram’s international cricket career. He will always be remembered for his captaincy, magic with the ball and being very handy with the bat. His highest score for 257 not out in a test series. As a bowler and captain he had splendid and varied skills that have always made Pakistan proud.

Wasim Akram as a captain was one of the greatest finds of Pakistani cricket. He was the most deceptive fast bowler and had a great balance of pace, line & length and variety of deliveries. According to personality researchers, people have qualities or characteristics inborn and learnt from environment. I believe that Akram had the best of both.

He was a visionary, long-sighted, assertive and influential leader of the Pakistani cricket team. Wasim led his boys with great compassion. He played various roles during his captaincy. He gave hundred percent to all aspects as a friend, philosopher, mentor and a brother for every team player.

Wasim Akram as a captain always believed in empowerment for all. He gave liberty to pitch in ideas and strategies. The best thing about him is that he never rejected anyone’s opinion, instead gave it a positive horizon. He has been inducted in ICC (International Cricket Council) hall of fame and also included in ESPN’s legends of cricket.

His ferocious deliveries were produced by his unmatched ability to reverse swing which claimed to be Wasim Akram’s hall mark says Dean Jones. Fast bowlers are required to bowl on various wickets and that is the true test of bowler’s skill. Flat, slow and quick pitches were never a threat to Wasim.

He has played a total of 356 ODI’s in which he claimed 502 wickets. His best figures were 5 wickets for 15 runs. Akram has played 104 test matches in which he claimed 414 wickets. His best figures in test matches were 7 wickets for 119 runs.

He scored 3717 runs in 356 matches with 86 runs as highest score in ODI’s. In test cricket he had scored 2898 runs in 104 matches with 257* (not out) runs as highest score.

Wasim Akram as a captain was also presented with a golden plaque on his 100th test by former captain Javed Miandad. It was a real gratitude showed to him by his team mates.

He has always succeeded to bring the team to new levels of game play and helped them to improve every moment they are on the field.

Written by: Sehban Sehthi
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