May 11, 2011

To reach the zenith and procure the status of sheer popularity identifies a champion. No matter how many hurdles are there, hard work and dedication can overcome every obstacle that lies on the path of success.
Wasim Akram is one of those champions who believes in himself and gave Pakistan Cricket memorable days. The success venture began with his first match and continued till the end of his cricket career. Wills Sharjah Trophy 1992/3 comes under one of those success stories where Wasim as a captain has gained position of Man of the Series performing impeccably in every match.

A series of successive matches in Sharjah entailing six matches, when Pakistan won the Wills Sharjah Trophy 1992/3 held at the Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium on February 4th 1993. Pakistan was able to win all three matches whereas few drawbacks led them to lose the top position in the series. Yet again Wasim could not help but spread his magic and gave a legendary performance.

Pakistan won the final match by 114 runs and Wasim took 4 wickets which contributed in making him Man of the Series. The decision made by Sri Lanka to field after winning the toss gave Pakistan an opportunity to step ahead and let the other team face a hard time. This eventually ended in another achievement which secured a portion of memorable matches on the list.

Wasim along with other bowlers planned their attack wisely and left the other team looking for runs to chase the target. With three maiden overs; Wasim did not give chances of taking the score high. The strategy he uses during every match helped him standout among others as a lead bowler of Pakistan Cricket team.

Wasim made the Wills Sharjah Trophy worth remembering with his ultimate captaincy and thriving bowling against Sri Lanka. Wills Sharjah Trophy has been included in the best performances of Wasim Akram’s career. Although the match was reduced to 41 overs but Wasim took each step prudently and strike back with his fellow players to attain a victory.

Not all players have the ability to remain decisive on the field with keen analysis of opponent’s strategy. Wasim in this regard, beats a lot of players who have made their name with numerous achievements. His surpassed every challenging boundary and facilitated towards winning the Wills Sharjah Trophy every second on the field and take away the match from Sri Lanka’s hands.

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