May 27, 2011

Wasim Akram as a lethal player has captured victory countless times during every play with outstanding Yorker which sets him apart on the field. He can work to break the backbone of the confronting team and has gained the honor of several hat-tricks during every match. Wasim Akram’s leadership in the Carlton and United World Series is an example of authority and versatility.

In January 1997, Pakistan team participated in this challenging series in Australia, facing West Indies and Australia. With flawless efforts of our vibrant captain Wasim, Pakistan beat Australia and knocked them out of the tournament.

During the Final match with West Indies Pakistan strike fiercely against West Indies and took hold of another victory. For the first time Pakistan won a triangular series with excellent record on the board and during the whole series. Leading Pakistani team with confidence, making them win this series Wasim played brilliantly.

Wasim Akram truly showed an impeccable play and took quick decisions from the beginning of the match by deciding to bat first after winning the toss. For every match he had a strategy against his rivals and understanding the circumstances along with the form of players to perform according to the pitch.

Wasim took three precious wickets of West Indies in the final match of Carlton and United World Series in Australia. The fall of most vital wickets Sherwin Legay Campbell gave a shock to West Indies, followed by Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Carl Llewellyn Hooper.

These extraordinary players swept off the field by Wasim’s radiant bowling which took away the final of series right from the hands of West Indies. Pakistan won the match by 62 runs at the Melbourne Cricket Ground beating native team Australia and the other team West Indies with tremendous performance.

This has been recorded as another achievement in the list of his cricket career. Wasim played with dignity and ferocity to beat his rivals no matter what playground it is. Under his captaincy, the team has given remarkable results of unity and uphill struggle which at times seems unpredictable. Carlton and United World Series is one of the invaluable triumphs of Wasim’s captaincy career.

Written by: Kiran Khalil
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