March 22, 2011

The contribution made by sub-continent players in the field cricket cannot be understated as the cricket world has witnessed many stars mounting from there. One of such cricket star is Wasim Akram who has been ascribed as a cricketer who is born to rule the cricket world.

He is a legend of Pakistani Cricket who started his cricket career in 1988 from Lancashire Country Cricket Club in England and signed a four years contract with the club. The year of 1864 is the time when Lancashire Cricket Clubs was founded. The Lancashire Cricket Club is based on an Old Trafford Cricket Ground which has been regarded as the home of Lancashire Club since its foundation. Wasim Akram has remained the most successful overseas player at Lancashire.

In the Lancashire Country Cricket Club, coaching from ECB qualified coaches is provided to players playing at any stage. When playing for Lancashire club, Wasim Akram became a favorite of the British who used to chant for him “Wasim for England” during Lancashire’s matches.

Due to his exceptional full left armed bowling in the history of cricket, Lancashire under his captaincy won the ECB trophy and Axa League. With Wasim Akram as a captain, Lancashire had also completed second in the championship. A part from this, Wasim Akram has held numerous world records for the most tickets taken in both ODIs and List A Cricket. Wasim Akram has always remained a devastating cricketer for both Pakistan and Lancashire. With the perfect determination and focused approach of Wasim Akram, Pakistan has won the 1992 World Cup.

Wasim Akram has served Lancashire from 1988 to 1998 and during this course of time he had also suffered groin injury in the late 1980s. However due to an immense resilience in his personality, he continued to strike terror into the cricket world and has achieved the title of the ‘Sultan of Swing’.

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