May 16, 2011

After retiring from active cricket, Wasim Akram has embarked on a career that has kept him in the limelight. He is a sport caster for ESPN Star Sports, a popular and reputed sports channel. Besides ESPN, Wasim Akram has also done commentary for ARY Digital and HUM TV, using his methodical observations for analyzing the move of players. This has resulted in the popularity of Wasim Akram and his Media Career.

Wasim Akram has done commentary for some memorable events such as the Women’s World Cup 2001, ICC Twenty20 2009 World Cup which was held in England. ICC Champions Trophy 2009 held in South Africa and the recent ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. He is regarded as one of the best commentators in the world.

Cricket lovers love his exclusive style of commenting as he describes the proceedings, commenting on every feature vividly for the benefit of his TV audience and the spectators. Many aspiring and veteran commentators have adapted his style of commentary by commenting on every minute detail of any match without any gaps. He has won the heart of his audience as he did with his very unique style of bowling.

For Wasim Akram and his Media Career he has worked tirelessly through the media on various diabetes campaigns, to create awareness about diabetes because he himself is a diabetic. Wasim Akram is also the brand ambassador for Mobilink Jazz, which has increased his exposure to the public. He also is the brand ambassador for Lifebuoy Soap. This has made him very popular, especially with children, who adore him.

Most recently Wasim took part in an environmental campaign to try and stop the use of plastic bags, which have caused widespread environmental damage, especially in Pakistan and other third world countries. Wasim Akram is as well liked now, as when he was the best reverse swing bowler in the world.

Written by: Richard Thomas
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