June 29, 2011

Talent cannot be measured nor compared as it has many dimensions to it. Wasim Akram and Glenn McGrath, both fall into the category of fast bowlers with extensive bowling careers. Glenn Donald McGrath a former Australian cricket player is one of the fast-medium pace bowlers of all times.

On the other hand, Wasim Akram also known as the King of Swing is a former Pakistani left arm fast bowler who held the title of captaincy as well.

Both of them have made record on the basis of their expertise and talent. Therefore, no one can be put above other as both are quality players and have done a lot for their teams. They have a bulk of records made during their cricket career, and each record depicts efforts to learn more. Akram and McGrath, both have their own style which makes them different from each other yet efficient to show their skills on the field. Wasim has command over taking wickets on slow dead tracks, whereas McGrath has managed to keep the ball striking on fast bouncy tracks.

McGrath’s accuracy was indescribable with fine judgment of the stumps. He is on the list of bowlers with better average and a savior for the team. His record of highest number of wickets taken in test matches sets him apart and represents his abilities. McGrath remained famous for sustaining an outstanding knowledge of line of bowling along with its length. This persistent quality has increased his fame as the most efficient bowler of history.

The much talked about legend Wasim Akram cannot be left aside while counting best fast bowlers of the world who gave a new direction to the world of cricket. Wasim with his swings and yorkers have encouraged many youngsters to learn reverse swing following him. Wasim maintained a great average and took 414 wickets with 9779 runs throughout his career. He is considered as the founder of reverse swing which was witnessed during every ODI and test match. With a different method to practice his art Wasim is incomparable and irreplaceable.

Wasim and McGrath possess eminent set of skills which eventually made them superior over other players. Wasim’s different approach, reverse swing, lethal Yorkers, and amazing bouncer represented his skills to the world. Today millions of fans around the world because follow in his steps for his fierce bowling.

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