April 26, 2012

When one hears the name Wasim Akram, only one sentence comes to mind and that is the “Sultan of Swing”. Wasim Akram is seen as the pioneer of reverse swing bowling. Being one of the finest fast bowlers ever produced by Pakistan, he has not only created name for himself in Test and One Day Internationals but has also set a standard for all the bowlers all around the world. The Sultan of Swing holds many precious world records under his name in the cricketing world. Wasim Akram is an idol for many youngsters who want to become great bowlers. Looking at Wasim Akram’s personal life, Akram is a single father to his sons Taimur and Akbar.

Wasim Akram married Huma in 1995 and according to many friends, Akram turned into a gentleman after his marriage. Huma Akram revealed in an interview that Wasim was never by her side and she had to bring up both teenage boys all by herself. Since Wasim was often outside the country, Huma Akram had to deal with the kids, house and other matters all by herself. Huma Akram, being a psychologist, had helped Wasim a lot mentally and how to remain calm before a big game. Wasim and Huma were married for 15 years when Huma Akram died of multiple organ failure at Apollo Hospital in Chennai on October 25, 2009.

Since then Akram has been taking care of kids by being an excellent single father. Although he is abroad most of the time due to work, he tries his best to give time to his kids whenever he is free. Wasim Akram says that his kids do not like cricket, likely reason being he travels a lot because of it. Akram makes sure to provide all the luxuries to his kids, whatever it may be. In an interview, Akram was asked if he is a strict father and he replied saying that no and that he cannot be. Wasim Akram plans to take his kids to England for two months and spend time with them once Indian Premier League 2012, where he is a bowling mentor, gets over.

Written by: Huma Patel
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