February 20, 2011

Wasim Akram, real amalgamation of a fearless, courageous and lethal professional bowler who has always held Pakistan’s flag high since he joined the Pakistan cricket team. The magic seen on the field with his expertise in making the ball swing in every direction sets him apart and leave the spectators fascinated. Talking about his relationship with his mates, Akram has never revolted against them, yet enjoyed every moment of his captaincy either a match against West Indies or any other team.

He considered himself honored to be a captain who led the team while learning at every step from his seniors. As he never dream’t of playing for Pakistan, and leading the team, he believed captaincy came to him regardless of a back provided by board or players. He faced every challenge by looking ahead and hearing no voices of pessimism to knock him down, sustaining the punctuality along with strict discipline within the team.

At the time of removal from captaincy Akram showed no offense towards the team but moved ahead to make them win another match as for him victory and pride are more important than holding grudges. Eventually, his persistent struggle, wise performance, and above all maintaining his place in the team which is difficult to sustain were extraordinary. Even under pressure he felt a complete responsibility to take right decisions and believed he performed a lot better under pressure as compared to other situations.

Wasim, understanding the sensitivity of every situation molded himself according to the requirement of each game, even if it was a hit from batsman, which never bothered him to the least. In addition to that his craftiness gave a real blaze to the swings he made throughout his career which comes under bowling techniques. While being the ‘sultan of swing’ he always idealized Imran khan and looked up to him for each lesson on and off the field.

When it comes to sharing his views about batsman he confronted, Wasim feels no fear to ball every single player, bringing up the charm of game. Cricket for Wasim is his life; despite having a wish to coach the team he will continue to sprinkle his magic on the field.

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