September 14, 2011

One of the best bowlers a country could ever have, an icon that could make people proud and represent his country internationally, Wasim Akram is the one star who comes to one’s mind fitting perfectly in this category. With his lethal fast bowling he has made records not only in One Day Internationals but also took the ground away during test matches.

There is a long list of successes and less is the ratio of matches in which Wasim did not perform up to the mark. From 1984 till 2003, Akram gave his best shots and bowled tremendously in every ODI. He has a pile of records incomparable with other famous bowlers of the world as no one can ever replace the legend, the one who gave life to fast bowling and empowered Pakistan Cricket Team to face every single challenge.

Among his best performances, 1992 cricket world cup is the one that shines the brightest and tells the story of victory against Australia. While playing final against England in the same tournament he effortlessly elevated his batting performance by scoring 33 runs on 19 balls only. With 356 appearances, Akram has managed to take 502 wickets in One Day International with an average of 23.52. His record in One Day International gets more interesting with the score of 3,717 runs, which an average bowler cannot score during his career of so many years.

Akram, with his magical bowling in international cricket, made record of four hat-tricks – two for test cricket- being the only bowler with this status. He is also the first bowler of only four, who took hat-trick in One Day International. The record of limited over match is worth mentioning, as this perfect bowler did not stay back at adding the colors of success to each and every part of cricket with his brilliant contribution and hard work and stands proudly at the top position with 881 wickets.

In One Day International, his most successful phase was from 1996 to 1997, during which he captained the team and made them win World Series Cricket in Australia. The finest moment of Akram’s career came on the forefront in 2003 when in 7 matches the best fast bowler of Pakistan took 19 wickets and amazed the spectators with his speed and accuracy to hit the stumps. Unfortunately, his marvelous performance and acts of courage to defeat the rival team end up in vain with a beat in this series which held back Pakistan Cricket Team to reach the Super Six.

Regardless of few defeats, Akram’s success stories did not stop and were added to the list from time to time, shaping his stupendous Cricket Career as ‘Sultan of Swing’.

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