May 16, 2011

Two rivals facing one another in Melbourne ground prepared to knock each other down with finest bowling and batting, here when Wasim took the position of a champion. The finest hour of Wasim’s cricket career spotted and a success story began for Pakistan cricket team to becoming World Champions in 1992 World Cup. By taking 3 wickets during the final match, a record was set by Wasim as savior of the day under the title of player of the tournament for taking 18 wickets during all the play-offs.

With two consecutive deliveries during the final, Wasim sent Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis back to pavilion giving them a hard chase at the score of 141. Ian Botham left the ground in despair upon confrontation Wasim. At a crucial phase having 4 wickets in hand; England witnessed a weak batting line which pushed them towards losing the match eventually. A memorable day lasted with a cherished moment that will glow throughout Wasim’s cricket career.

Wasim made England lose their most reliable and valuable wicket in the beginning which shattered all their hopes to win against Pakistan. These tremendous efforts by Wasim are marked in the book of records and made history which paved the way for Pakistan’s triumphant victory.

Written by: Kiran Khalil
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