September 12, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram has said that some modern day cricketers were taking the easy option of playing just shorter formats, and not giving Test cricket the respect it deserves.

“It varies from cricketer to cricketer, but if you want to be remembered as a great of the game, you have to be known for playing Test cricket. For some it’s easier to retire from Test cricket, to play just Twenty20 cricket, earn a lot of money and then disappear,” he said.

“Nowadays you can be a good Twenty20 player and make a career out of it, but my ambition was always to be the best player in the world in all formats and that should be the aim for every youngster,” he stated.

Wasim further said that commentating can be tough, but coaching is definitely the most difficult facet of the game.

“I knew how to play cricket so that was ok, not a problem. Commentating, to start off was tough, it was very difficult. Now I’m really enjoying it as I have got used to it,” Wasim said.

“Coaching is definitely the most difficult facet of cricket, because it’s frustrating, as you cannot do anything yourself. Nothing is in your control once the boys have taken the field. When I played cricket, I could change the game, but as a coach, I don’t
have that opportunity, only the players can change the course of a match,” he added.

Courtesy: DAWN.COM

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