January 13, 2010

The real people behind wasimakramlive.com are responsible for converting a web address into the Official Wasim Akram Wesbite. WAL has come into existence by the combined efforts of a set of highly talented and creative minds which include: Kashif Ali Bhutto, Ifrah Waqar, Mustafa Malik, Adeel Shehzad, Richard Thomas, Kiran Khalil, Shamir Khan, Aliya Jabeen, Shahid Jamil and Noman Ali Durwesh.

Kashif Ali Bhutto – IT Head

Kashif Ali Bhutto heads the technical department. He earned his Master’s degrees in Computer Science (Pakistan – SZABIST) and Information Systems (Australia – UNSW). Kashif is responsible for implementing, executing and maintaining the strategic alliances of the firm. His solid experiences along with the aptitude of project management are strongly complemented by his excellent education.

Ifrah Waqar – Content & Creative Head

With a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, she is now pursuing the field of content and creative writing with sheer adoration towards words and communication. With a sound knowledge and experience for multiple languages, media and management; currently involved with content management for wasimakramlive.com, she is responsible for creative input, content, continuous updates, multimedia, followups and feedback for the website.

Mustafa Malik – Developer & SEO

Mustafa specializes in developing web applications, upholds originative working experiences and showcases dynamic approach in the IT field. Proving to be an inimitable contributor towards wasimakramlive.com

Adeel Shehzad – Graphic & Web Designer

Adeel has a sound portfolio in designing & structuring the website content using static & animation techniques. Possess expertise in creating visual communication by skillful combination of text & pictures. A big fan of Wasim Akram who is now contributing towards Graphics for wasimakramlive.com

Richard Thomas – Contributing Writer

With a Master’s Degree in English, an English language and IELTS teacher, Richard is currently experiencing the field of content writing. And also provides his services for the welfare for aged and psychiatric patients.

Kiran Khalil – Contributing Writer

With a Master’s Degree in International Relations, she knows exactly what it takes to make up a friendly, well – calibrated and power packed article. With a flair in fashion, and ardent love for reading and writing, she is proving to be a fine addition to teamWAL.

Shamir Khan – Contributing Writer

Shamir shows immense potential when it comes to letting the world know of sports, especially cricket, football and body building. He is enthusiastically involved towards SEO content writing and contributing towards wasimakramlive.com

Aliya Jabeen – Contributing Writer

With a bachelors in business administration, she has developed a flair in creative and academic writing. Looking forward to expand her writing experience, she has now become a valuable part of wasimakramlive.

Madiha Riaz – Contributing Writer

She has been writing since she was 10, only now she has turned her passion into a profession. She has worked in the customer services industry for four years so she has the necessary commercialism needed for good content writing. She likes to personalize what she is writing and thus leaves a signature mark on the reader’s mind. Loves books, movies and music and is not afraid to speak her mind.

Shahid Jamil – Search Engine Optimization Specialist

He works on the principle of satisfying search engine algorithms for making WebSites “friendlier” for search engines such as Google to list in their index on the basis of keyword selection and testing, adding links in keywords, adding links from high ranking websites, and linking different keywords for the same site.

Noman Ali Durwesh – Search Engine Optimizer

Identifies the right keywords, optimizes the website, optimizes Inbound Links (backlinks), measure results, improves the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines, promotes a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, edits HTML codes and content of a website according to indexing activities of search engines.

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