Review – Wasim Akram speaks at the seminar ‘Quality of Life’

Roche Pakistan Limited’s premier Diabetes care brand, Accu-Chek Performa organized a series of seminars to spread diabetes awareness among two very important groups, retailers and diabetes patients. These seminars were held at Avari Towers Karachi on June 04, 05, 2011.

In the first seminar entitled “Quality of Life”, a group of retailers was informed about the negative impact that diabetes has on a patient’s quality of life and how regular blood sugar monitoring with a quality meter can help patients regain health and happiness. The theme for the second seminar was “Walk for Diabetes”. This seminar informed diabetes patients about the benefits that can be gained from taking regular walks.

The chief guest for these seminars was the cricketing legend, Wasim Akram who has been associated with Roche since 2005 in its endeavor to promote diabetes awareness and has been the brand ambassador for Accu-Chek Performa since 2009. Also present was a panel of acclaimed diabetologists who shared the medical importance of walking for diabetics and impact and ways to improve quality of life after being diagnosed.

Wasim Akram shared his experience with diabetes and told retailers about how his quality of life had been severely hurt after being diagnosed with Diabetes at the peak of his cricketing career. His parents never had diabetes and neither did he have any other such family history, yet he had to face this life altering disease. He brought his life back on track and started taking 4 insulin shots per day and checking his blood sugar levels before and after every meal, on the advice of his doctor. He went on to take 250 plus wickets in international cricket after the diagnosis, silencing the skeptics who suggested that his international career was over.

On the 5th of June Wasim Akram spoke to an audience of patients and told them what measures he takes to maintain his health. He walks or jogs for an hour daily, no matter how tight his schedule is. He eats everything that he likes but watches his portions and always starts every meal with a bowl of salad to ensure that he is getting a healthy and balanced diet. Putting forward a very important question to our panel of doctors; he asked how diabetics above the age of 60 can exercise. He received the reply that the simplest exercise that applies to all age groups is brisk walking i.e. walking at approximately 4km/hr for men and 3 km/hr for women. It is adequate to walk even for just half an hour, three days a week.

These seminars were extremely informative and imparted an immense amount of diabetes awareness, which has been the goal in Roche and Wasim Akram’s long and fruitful association.

Reported by: Ifrah Waqar

Wasim Akram scores his Highest Test Score of 257

During every game Wasim Akram has shown divergent performances according to the need of the game and the confronting opponent. Wasim did the same in the year 1996, when Pakistan played a test match against Zimbabwe in Sheikhpura and scored his highest score elevating his success records.

He cracked down the hopes of Zimbabweans who were gathered to support their team. Victory of Pakistan was not obvious due to the trouble faced in the midst of play. At the score of 138 and fall of 7 wickets Wasim Akram managed to safe the team by giving his best shots which were never seen before.

Wasim with the help of Saqlain Mushtaq pushed the score from 138 runs towards more to win. Their sustained partnership took Pakistan out of the dilemma of losing the match at the eleventh hour. During this memorable match Wasim Akram scored double a century which gave his fans another reason to admire this lethal fast bowler.

With smashing 22 fours and outstanding record of 12 sixes Wasim reached at 257 runs. An honor to be included in the record of International Cricket as Wasim completed 257 without a single success of Zimbabwean bowlers. This test match gave much fame to Wasim as an all rounder who could safe his team in the most difficult battle against any team. To deal with difficult situations with enthusiasm is a sign of a champion which Wasim Akram had made evident during every match he played for his country.

Wasim’s decision was to secure a good score against Zimbabwe. As the eighth player Wasim played well with the bat and scored the highest score of his cricket career. Not only had he smashed the ball out of the boundary many times but unremittingly made the wickets fall quickly.

Wasim showed immense talent with his wise strategy and confidence to stick to the field when no wickets were left to rely upon. The prominence of an icon was revealed well with efforts that bestowed a victory in the hands of the Pakistan cricket team.

Written by: Kiran Khalil
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Wasim Akram – Career Flashlights!

Wasim Akram is amongst the greatest fast bowlers and all round cricketers the world has known. He was a left fast arm bowler, and also a left handed batsman. Wasim Akram holds the world record for the most wickets taken, and is the second bowler to take 502 wickets in One Day International Matches.

Wasim Akram was spotted by the legend Javed Miandad in trials at the Qaddafi Stadium in Lahore, at whose insistence Wasim Akram was included in the Pakistan Team. Later Imran Khan became his mentor in 1989 in Australia.

In Pakistan’s tour of the West Indies in 1988, Wasim Akram was the fastest bowler of both teams. Wasim Akram took a total of 414 wickets in Test Cricket. Wasim’s best bowling figures in Test Cricket were 119 runs given for seven wickets, and in One Day Internationals, he took five wickets for only 15 runs.

Wasim Akram’s greatest achievement was his role when Pakistan won the World Cup in Australia in 1992. Although it is was his all round performance that won him the Man of the Match award, his devastating bowling that bowled out Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis was what Wasim Akram is remembered for. His all round performance secured the World Cup for Pakistan.

Wasim Akram was the master of swing bowling. Waqar Younus and Wasim Akram are credited as the most lethal bowling partnership in the history of Cricket. Although Waqar Younus complemented Wasim Akram, still when it came to deception, no bowler ever came close to Wasim Akram. The greatest batsmen in the world like Sachin Tendulakar, Brian Lara, De Silva Sangakara and Jayasuria all spoke with awe about Wasim Akram’s bowling.

Wasim Akram had fantastic balance and a very quick arm, and he could swing the ball in a different manner with every delivery. It was his unmatched ability to reverse swing the ball that was Wasim’s strongest point, and the one he was the most recognized for.

Wasim Akram was a brilliant bowler on any pitch, and could reverse swing the ball in any condition. No matter what type of pitch it was flat pitch, slow pitch or quick pitch, Wasim Akram thrived on all pitches and bowled equally well on all pitches in the world.

Wasim Akram’s cricket career had many upheavals, especially when he was the captain. There were persistent rumors of dis-satisfaction amongst the players. In spite of the pressures of being captain of a very temperamental team, it is his dedication to cricket and his very strong character that he went on to be inducted in the Cricket Hall of Fame. He was a cricketer who made the ball do his bidding on any pitch and the ball being in any condition.

Written by: Ifrah Waqar.
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Wasim Akram as a Cricket Commentator

An icon that will always be looked upon by every cricket player in Pakistan, Wasim Akram has created wonders on the field and has continued to spread his charm off field with his commentary. Shortly after retirement Wasim has taken cricket commentary as his career which has redefined his analytical skills to professionally observe every move of players within the ground. Wasim has done commentary for different television channels including ESPN Star Sports and ARY Digital which increased his popularity and demand, at the same time.

His commentary session included various remarkable tournaments that are part of the cricket world. There are some of the most exciting and worth mentioning matches which Wasim has taken charge of commenting, including Women’s Cricket World Cup 2009, ICC World Twenty20 2009 held in England, ICC champions Trophy of 2009 in South Africa and ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. To project a genuine perfect persona of the players with a professional streak is a skill that sets Wasim apart from his other fellow commentators.

The unique style of commenting, taking into consideration every aspect which is necessary to portray to the listeners and spectators, Wasim has been scoring his sixes within the commentary room with his expertise. To rank him among the other commentators cannot be justified as every commentator has its own style which makes them special in their own manner.

Akram is working as a regular ESPN Star Sports commentator which has sustained his high profile in his media career. Wasim has been able to teach many the art of noticing the spaces that are left unnoticed during a match with his keen observation. As a bowler he has been thriving to win the hearts of his fans, which apparently is seen during his commentary career.

His broad vision has inspired our players in a positive way and made them realize of the mistakes which are made on the field. There is a lot to learn from this legend if the players follow his advice which can be taken from his commentary during different matches.

Performing at the International level and then again getting associated with the field; it is easy for Wasim Akram to grab every move which depicts the intentions of the bowlers and the batsmen. Wasim Akram’s flawless commentary enchants his fans all around the world who love to hear him commenting the shifts and progress on the field while bestowing his listeners with his highly professional advice.

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Memorable Moments of Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram has been the strength of Pakistan’s cricket team ever since the beginning of his cricket career. Wasim Akram has achieved a lot of records in the cricket history. He has been rated as the best left arm fast bowler of all time. Cricket fans across the world have witnessed several memorable moments of Wasim Akram during his performance in Test Cricket as well as in ODIs.

Wasim Akram has remained a renowned player from the start of his cricket career. Since the beginning of his career from the Lancashire County Cricket Club, Wasim Akram has been instrumental in the victory of his team. Under the captaincy of Wasim Akram, Lancashire Cricket Club won the ECB Trophy and Axa League.

Wasim Akram started his test cricket entrance for Pakistan in 1985 and ultimately earned the title of ‘Sultan of Swing’ due to his extraordinary performance. He has achieved the record of taking the most wickets in List A Cricket. Due to his execution, Wasim Akram is considered as the supreme advocate of reverse swing bowling. He has achieved several records during his Test Career as well as for his One Day International career.

During his test career, Wasim Akram has taken 414 wickets at an outstanding and exceptional bowling average of 23.62, and scored 2,898 runs at a batting average of 22.64. The yorkers of Wasim Akram have always remained legendary and brought him a number of wickets.

During Pakistan’s famous World Cup victory in 1992, the performance of Wasim Akram was instrumental. In the 1992 World Cup final, Wasim Akram drove Pakistan to victory through his outstanding performance. Wasim Akram also won the man of the match award in the final after showing brilliant all-round performance against England. During the 1992 World Cup, Wasim Akram had also shown an extraordinary batting performance which pushed Pakistan to a score of 249 runs for six wickets.

Wasim Akram also holds the preeminence of playing the most matches in World Cup, and has played 15 World Cup matches as a captain of Pakistani team. During the 2003 World Cup, Wasim Akram remained the top bowler by taking 19 wickets in 7 matches. He has taken a total of 55 wickets in 38 Cricket World Cup matches. In the year 2003, Wasim Akram engraved his name once more in the cricket history by getting his 500th one-day wicket against Netherlands during the 2003 World Cup

The best moments of Wasim Akram have also been witnessed during his international cricket career. Wasim Akram is one of the three bowlers who have taken two Test hat-tricks, and also one of the three bowlers who have taken two ODI hat-tricks. The name of Wasim Akram is also among the list of players who have taken four wickets in an over during a Test Match. After his retirement, Wasim Akram was appointed as the bowling coach of Kolkata Knight Riders.

These memorable moments of Wasim Akram will remain forever linger on in the hearts of cricket fans around the globe.

Written by: Aliya Jabeen
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‘Pakistan eyeing T20 WC next year’

Post the World Cup, we are once again in the middle of hectic cricket. While the Indian Premier League is keeping many of us on our toes, many countries like Pakistan and Australia are keeping their commitments as per the ICC calendar.

It’s also a time for change as the old guard paves way for the new. New coaches, new captains and fresh ideas, cricket nowadays is like a rolling stone. Pakistan ‘s cricket is also moving in the right direction.

Saturday’s emphatic eight-wicket win against the West Indies in the first ODI at St Lucia will be a shot in the arm for the Pakistan team. Asad Shafiq, who proved himself during the World Cup, scored an unbeaten 61 and featured in a match-winning stand with Misbah-ul-Haq. Folks like Shafiq are the future of Pakistan cricket.

I think the national selectors are making the right moves. They are thinking of long-term success and if a veteran stalwart like Younus Khan has been dropped, I thing it is a good move. Younus is no longer in the selectors’ scheme of things as far as limited overs cricket is concerned. The selectors seem to have started the rebuilding process keeping in mind the World T20 in Sri Lanka next year.

Pakistan ‘s cricket fans and the administration should be lauded for the way they accepted the World Cup semifinal defeat against India . It was a mature act and fortunately, emotions did not get the better of any party. Nobody expected Pakistan to qualify for the World Cup semifinal. Yes, Pakistan lost to India but Dhoni and team were better on the day. Pakistani fans, for the first time, accepted that cricket is just a game.

Cricket has always been a great medium to thaw the relationship between both the countries and hence India and Pakistan should play regularly. The fact that we may have a bilateral series soon is good news. I have read in newspapers that a hockey series is also being planned. I have always said sporting ties should always be maintained, irrespective of the prevailing political climate.

Coming back to IPL, the recent controversy over Sri Lankan players being asked to return home early to prepare for the England series was totally unnecessary. Weren’t the Sri Lankan authorities aware of the IPL itinerary? I am sure if cricket administration is left to pragmatic and sporty people, such issues will never surface. Anyway, playing in the league will serve the Sri Lankan players better ahead of the England tour. It’s a lot better than practising in the nets. I am happy that the whole thing has been sorted out.

IPL is slowly picking up momentum. After such a fantastic World Cup, it was expected the first couple of weeks of IPL will be rather tepid. But the intensity is rising as the new teams are playing well and no one can be a favourite in this brand of cricket. Chris Gayle’s 55-ball century against Kolkata, Harbhajan’s five-wicket haul versus Chennai and Sehwag’s 35-ball 77 against Punjab is nothing but pure entertainment. The IPL is all about this. Take it, or leave it!


Pakistan vs. West Indies – ICC World Cup 2011

Each dawn brings a new hope along a vibrant dynamism to follow one’s dreams to make them a reality. The dream to reach ahead and strike for victory till the end is one that the Pakistani Cricket Team holds at the moment.

To make it true is another effort that we have seen in the Quarter-Final of ICC World Cup 2011. Pakistani team once more remained successful in performing up to the mark and becoming the first team to enter in Semi-final.

In Dhaka, on 23rd March first Quarter-final between Pakistan and West Indies took place, with an avalanche of hopes from both sides to succeed. West Indies captain showed utter content and happiness after winning the toss and choosing to bat first, which led them towards scoring an unexpected low score of 112 runs. In this knock-out round Pakistan did not face any difficulty in achieving the given target.

West India started off with a boundary on first ball and soon losing their most valuable wicket of Chris Gayle by Umar Gul. This was the first jolt that the team felt but still believing in their batsman they played further on. At the score of 16 West Indies was unlucky enough to witness the fall of 3 wickets, including Darren Bravo and Ramnaresh Sarwan.

With Pakistani bowlers striking, Afridi was able to take 2 more wickets and remained thriving in sending Kieron Pollard and DC Thomas to pavilion. At the score of 71 West Indies was at the verge of losing their last wickets. DJG Sammy and D Bishoo got out when Ajmal showed best spinning on the field against West Indies. Their strategy moved towards settling with singles and stretched the score giving target of 112, while Chanderpaul stayed not out.

Pakistani team emerged as a powerful unit in this match on the day (23rd March) when Pakistan was officially conceived. It eventually became a gift for the nation with tremendous performance by each team member on the field in batting as well as bowling session. Pakistan played exceptionally well, achieved the target and knocked out West Indies with no fall of wicket.

Muahmmad Hafeez famous for being a professor in the dressing room due to his good analysis of matches completed his 50 and became Man of the Match. On the other hand, Kamran Akmal tried extremely hard to match-up with his partner swinging the bat well scoring 47 runs.

The movement of glory revived for Pakistani team through a precious victory in Quarter-Final. It made the team one step closer to the Semi-final. The struggle of Pakistani team would last until the final match of World Cup 2011 to achieve the title of World Champions.

Written by: Kiran Khalil
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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – The Story So Far…!

Pakistan cricket team as a member of the International Cricket Council is representing the nation yet again in enduring matches of World Cup 2011. With fourteen teams competing in this year’s Cricket World Cup, hopes are still high with an absolute support from every Pakistani for the team to perform well. In every single match, performance has been gauged wisely and results are accelerating optimism in hearts of Pakistani supporters.

Sub-continent, the host of 2011 ICC World Cup witnessing intriguing matches of rival teams with sheer excitement of spectators within the continent and outside. The much awaited tenth Cricket World Cup has been hosted by India, and Co-Hosts Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Matches began on 19 February leaving a trace of diehard efforts to win, chasing scores and make their people proud back home. Nevertheless, not all efforts lasted with flying colors as every defeat led towards victory of other team. Thirty one matches held so far between 14 teams laying down varying results.

Pakistan playing matches under Group ‘A’ showed remarkable teamwork in the first match against Kenya giving massive chase, eventually winning by 205 runs. Second match Pakistan played against Sri Lanka and amazed the spectators with its unmatched performance. Consequently, Pakistan has remained successful in maintaining its glorious victory through three matches including Canada, in a row.

A tinge of disappointment was seen with sudden decline in bowling and fielding on the ground while playing with New Zealand. It apparently, shook the morale of team as few players were criticized for showing inattentive behavior on the field. There still has been wave of optimism seen among Pakistani fans for next match with Zimbabwe, which by performing well can stabilize Pakistan’s position in their respective group.

To peek at other teams playing World Cup 2011, the performances on different fields have now and then remained unprecedented. New Zealand remained successful in maintaining its charm of strong winner team up till now by winning every single match that has been held with other participating teams.

In Group ‘B’ apparently India is leading with highest points but the results would not be finalized as plenty of games have not been played yet. A drawback for England was the defeat faced by Ireland, which eventually lowered England’s ranking in group ‘B’.

The shift in positions might be seen on performance basis or ranking points until Quarter Final, subsequently, teams will encounter exhilarating playoffs between winners of the matches held. Fans inside the country or outside will keep anticipating and cheering their teams with much conviction to be the winner of ICC World Cup 2011.

Written by: Kiran Khalil
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