Wasim Akram as a role model for the youth of Pakistan!

Wasim Akram is the role model for hundreds of thousands of youngsters, all over Pakistan and in many parts of the world where cricket is played. A role model is someone who others look up to and admire. A role model provides inspiration and motivation like Wasim Akram, who is an intelligent, a courageous person […]

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Wasim Akram – an international face

Wasim Akram – an international face, is not just a recognition he has achieved but a phenomenon envied by many. The journey started from the narrow streets of Mozzang, Lahore has taken him to be the bowling Coach for Kolkata Knight Riders; and he has gathered a loyal fan following on the way. The Sultan […]

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Wasim Akram – Career Stats

Wasim Akram the man who needs no introduction. The Sultan of Swing led quite a prosperous career throughout his playing days. Akram has played a key role in Pakistan’s development over the last 15 years, encouraging its status as a formidable cricketing nation. His greatest assets are his achievements in the playing ground. The greatest […]

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Wasim Akram’s Finest Hour

Two rivals facing one another in Melbourne ground prepared to knock each other down with finest bowling and batting, here when Wasim took the position of a champion. The finest hour of Wasim’s cricket career spotted and a success story began for Pakistan cricket team to becoming World Champions in 1992 World Cup. By taking […]

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Wasim Akram and his Media Career

After retiring from active cricket, Wasim Akram has embarked on a career that has kept him in the limelight. He is a sport caster for ESPN Star Sports, a popular and reputed sports channel. Besides ESPN, Wasim Akram has also done commentary for ARY Digital and HUM TV, using his methodical observations for analyzing the […]

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Wasim Akram – Career Flashlights!

Wasim Akram is amongst the greatest fast bowlers and all round cricketers the world has known. He was a left fast arm bowler, and also a left handed batsman. Wasim Akram holds the world record for the most wickets taken, and is the second bowler to take 502 wickets in One Day International Matches. Wasim […]

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Wasim Akram as a Cricket Commentator

An icon that will always be looked upon by every cricket player in Pakistan, Wasim Akram has created wonders on the field and has continued to spread his charm off field with his commentary. Shortly after retirement Wasim has taken cricket commentary as his career which has redefined his analytical skills to professionally observe every […]

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Wasim Akram in the current times

A celebrity like Wasim Akram is meant to be an asset which gives pride to our country throughout the world. The left-handed fast bowler knows every trick to make a batsman insecure of his place on the field. Wasim held the top position as a bowler during his cricket career and afterward, a person to […]

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Dhoni catching up with Imran as a leader

The joy of winning a World Cup is sweeping across India and why not? With three Asian teams in the last four, I think the entire sub-continent should be happy with India ‘s victory. Pakistan and Sri Lanka too did very well in this championship and should be proud of themselves. There can be only […]

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ICC World Cup Final 2011

Tenth ICC World Cup has been passing through a number of unpredictable stages which leads this intriguing journey towards a final end yet to be announced. A lot of hopes were up for various teams representing their respective countries, which got knocked out of the tournament and faced a sheer disappointment. As much of the […]

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