Wasim Akram – An Idol, a Husband and a Single Father

When one hears the name Wasim Akram, only one sentence comes to mind and that is the “Sultan of Swing”. Wasim Akram is seen as the pioneer of reverse swing bowling. Being one of the finest fast bowlers ever produced by Pakistan, he has not only created name for himself in Test and One Day Internationals but has also set a standard for all the bowlers all around the world. The Sultan of Swing holds many precious world records under his name in the cricketing world. Wasim Akram is an idol for many youngsters who want to become great bowlers. Looking at Wasim Akram’s personal life, Akram is a single father to his sons Taimur and Akbar.

Wasim Akram married Huma in 1995 and according to many friends, Akram turned into a gentleman after his marriage. Huma Akram revealed in an interview that Wasim was never by her side and she had to bring up both teenage boys all by herself. Since Wasim was often outside the country, Huma Akram had to deal with the kids, house and other matters all by herself. Huma Akram, being a psychologist, had helped Wasim a lot mentally and how to remain calm before a big game. Wasim and Huma were married for 15 years when Huma Akram died of multiple organ failure at Apollo Hospital in Chennai on October 25, 2009.

Since then Akram has been taking care of kids by being an excellent single father. Although he is abroad most of the time due to work, he tries his best to give time to his kids whenever he is free. Wasim Akram says that his kids do not like cricket, likely reason being he travels a lot because of it. Akram makes sure to provide all the luxuries to his kids, whatever it may be. In an interview, Akram was asked if he is a strict father and he replied saying that no and that he cannot be. Wasim Akram plans to take his kids to England for two months and spend time with them once Indian Premier League 2012, where he is a bowling mentor, gets over.

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Wasim Akram says youngsters lack guidance

DUBAI (Agencies) – Former Pakistan skipper Wasim Akram has claimed that his country has the most talented cricketers compared to the rest of the world, but they lack guidance which he had coming into international cricket. Recalling his early days in cricket, Wasim said, “When I made my debut, I was only 17 years old, and just in college.

I had never been out of Pakistan, but I had seniors like Miandad who taught me how to be street smart, I had Imran who taught me how to be consistent and affirmative and Mudassar (Nazar) who taught me chalaki (being shrewd).”
However, the legendary crickter added that things have changed now and young payers do not get the same guidance which he got. The 45-year-old further went onto say that he was ready to assist youngsters in the national side. He added,

“Pakistan cricket can still use my services and expertise. But they have to ask me! No one has asked me till now either this board, or the previous one. The thing is that I don’t have to be a coach of the Pakistan team to help Pakistan cricket.” Wasim said that he spends time in Pakistan every now and then and can easily train some young fast bowlers by telling them how to train and handle pressure while bowling against quality oppositions.

There seems to be enormous talent of fast bowling in Pakistan, as the country has introduced some world class players in this department. One of the all time best was Wasim, who had a tremendous career and is considered to be the finest fast bowler in the history of cricket. He also had a world class partner in Waqar Younis, who has twice been with the national team as a coach.

After the retirement of the Two Ws from international cricket, it seemed that the country will struggle to find quality fast bowlers. However, Waqar worked as a bowling coach with the side and polished some youngsters like Umar Gul and M Asif into fine fast bowlers.

He then took over as head coach of the team and guided young pacers like M Amir, Junaid Khan and Wahab Riaz. Pakistan cricket will be hoping to get such assistance from the legendary players in order to polish raw talent into world class cricketers.

Wasim also revealed that it was his late wife Huma Wasim, who suggested him to become a commentator after retiring from international cricket in 2003.

According to the legendary cricketer, “There was no concrete plan that I had made and was going to follow. Sportsmen seldom have set plans on what they should do day-by-day after they retire, but then my late wife Huma said that the best thing I could pursue was cricket commentary — she thought that this was all that I knew.”

Wasim said that he did not like the idea initially and argued with his wife saying that he will have to do a lot of travelling. However, he was happy to have listened to his better half back then. The 45-year-old recalled the words of Huma, as she said, “Wasim, believe me, you will thank me after doing this for six to eight months. You will say ‘Huma, thank God you suggested this.’ You will have the same lifestyle and plus you will be talking about a sport that you have loved and played all your life.”

These were the words which forced Wasim to pursue a career in commentary. He claimed that he was lucky enough to be hired straight away by a famous sports channel and is now enjoying the job more than anything.
Perhaps the best bowler of all time further went onto say that he had some difficult times at the start of his commentating career, as learning English was not an easy task.

However, he learned many things with the passage of time and is well aware now of what to say and what not to. Pakistan cricket has produced plenty of fast bowlers and continue to do so. However, there is no one as accurate and deadly as Wasim. He also had a terrific bowling partner in Waqar Younis and together they were known as the ‘Two Ws.’
There has been no pair as deadly as the former Pakistani pacers, as they were a nightmare for the batsmen. They ruled the rest of the word during the nineties and guided their national side to many historic victories. However, both fast bowlers are enjoying a very good post retirement life, commentating on different sports channels.

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“Talent in Pakistan has to be Channelized Correctly” : Wasim Akram

There are some cricketers who have a distinctive aura about them, cricketers whose every word fans want to listen to, cricketers who have the right to talk cricket because they have “walked the walk and aren’t just talking the talk”.

The term legend, superstar and icon are phrases that we hear all the time, phrases that are frankly overused and used quite often to describe cricketers that don’t deserve that honour and respect.

Wasim Akram is one such cricketer who has every right to be included in the list of outstanding and greatest ever cricketers. A record that boasts 916 international wickets, at an average of just over 23.5, Wasim is regarded by many as the best left arm bowler ever.

Wasim’s career for Pakistan spanned just under 17 years and he featured in 460 matches. However it wasn’t just international cricket in which Wasim showed his brilliance. An “adopted son” of Lancashire, Wasim was part of a golden generation at the County and helped the county to a hugely successful period. Chants of “Wasim for England” would be heard all around the ground when Wasim came onto bowl or strode out to the wicket with willow in hand.

Back for the summer to his “second home” in Manchester, Wasim is assisting international charity Islamic Relief in their continued efforts to help the flood victims in Pakistan. One such appearance was at the home of Manchester United on Friday 15th July.

Wasim’s passion on the field was never in doubt and that same passion was clearly evident when he spoke of the disaster in Pakistan.

Wasim’s playing career ended more than 9 years ago and the unforgettable World Cup victory will be 20 years ago next year, but when the replays of some of his best moments were replayed across the many television screens and large screens in the Manchester Suite, the joy and pride on Wasim’s face lit up the room. Those wickets, those runs scored, those victories meant something to him, they were not shallow victories, or victories just for Wasim himself, but they were victories for the country he loved and still

The majority of Wasim’s harshest critics these days are rather comically those that never actually saw him bowl at his peak, instead base their judgement on “what they have heard” or what they saw at the tail en of an illustrious career.

Those that doubt Wasim’s allegiance to his country should have been in attendance last night and heard what he had to say, how he presented and portrayed himself.

Wasim was asked a few questions by the host and then it was an open question and answer session, where anyone in attendance could ask him a question. The questions were not pre-arranged, Wasim did not ask for any questions not to be asked and he answered all of the questions in an open and honest manner.

Here is a summary of what Wasim Akram said at the event.

*The Start*

Javed Miandad spotted me and the rest as they say is history.


My cricketing role model was Imran Khan. He set such high standards for himself and the team. Nobody could simply play below par and get away with it. Off the field my inspiration was my late wife Huma who I dearly miss. What I am today and who I am today, is all credit to Huma.

*Umar Akmal*

A very bright talent for Pakistan. With some refinements he has the ability to do very well in international cricket.

*Coaching in Pakistan*

I have always made myself available to help cricketers in Pakistan. I have always made it clear that I am prepared to help Pakistan cricket, but I am only available for short coaching stints as I have 2 young sons who I am responsible for and need to spend time with.

*Prized Wickets*

Every wicket was a prized wicket. It’s difficult to single any out, but of course the wickets in the 1992 World Cup Final will always be special for me, especially as they were against England in such an important match.

*Discipline and Focus During His Career*

Imran Khan, Javed Miandad and Mudassar Nazar were the architects of my cricketing discipline. They were disciplined cricketers themselves and great role models for youngsters like me. Imran would really scold us if we made mistakes and that meant that you never repeated those mistakes again.

*Pakistan’s Cricketing Future*

It’s a worrying state of affairs. International cricket needs to return to Pakistan very soon, otherwise the future looks very bleak.

*Channeling Talent *

Talent in Pakistan needs to be channelized correctly. The way the talent is being channelized has to have more structure and organization, otherwise the talent will be lost.

Wasim’s appearance at the event was truly memorable for all. He portrayed pride, professionalism, showed that he really wanted to be there, and despite having to leave the event slightly early his presence made the
evening a special one.

Extremely approachable, comfortable in the surroundings, very well spoken and a great ambassador for Pakistan and Pakistan cricket, Wasim showed to everyone why he was and remains a legend.

The event was yet another very well organized evening by Islamic Relief that most importantly raised £111,000 for a brilliant and worthy cause and I congratulate and applaud Islamic Relief for their efforts for the flood victims of Pakistan and would urge you all out there to support this charity in any way you can.

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