June 7, 2011

Roche Pakistan Limited’s premier Diabetes care brand, Accu-Chek Performa organized a series of seminars to spread diabetes awareness among two very important groups, retailers and diabetes patients. These seminars were held at Avari Towers Karachi on June 04, 05, 2011.

In the first seminar entitled “Quality of Life”, a group of retailers was informed about the negative impact that diabetes has on a patient’s quality of life and how regular blood sugar monitoring with a quality meter can help patients regain health and happiness. The theme for the second seminar was “Walk for Diabetes”. This seminar informed diabetes patients about the benefits that can be gained from taking regular walks.

The chief guest for these seminars was the cricketing legend, Wasim Akram who has been associated with Roche since 2005 in its endeavor to promote diabetes awareness and has been the brand ambassador for Accu-Chek Performa since 2009. Also present was a panel of acclaimed diabetologists who shared the medical importance of walking for diabetics and impact and ways to improve quality of life after being diagnosed.

Wasim Akram shared his experience with diabetes and told retailers about how his quality of life had been severely hurt after being diagnosed with Diabetes at the peak of his cricketing career. His parents never had diabetes and neither did he have any other such family history, yet he had to face this life altering disease. He brought his life back on track and started taking 4 insulin shots per day and checking his blood sugar levels before and after every meal, on the advice of his doctor. He went on to take 250 plus wickets in international cricket after the diagnosis, silencing the skeptics who suggested that his international career was over.

On the 5th of June Wasim Akram spoke to an audience of patients and told them what measures he takes to maintain his health. He walks or jogs for an hour daily, no matter how tight his schedule is. He eats everything that he likes but watches his portions and always starts every meal with a bowl of salad to ensure that he is getting a healthy and balanced diet. Putting forward a very important question to our panel of doctors; he asked how diabetics above the age of 60 can exercise. He received the reply that the simplest exercise that applies to all age groups is brisk walking i.e. walking at approximately 4km/hr for men and 3 km/hr for women. It is adequate to walk even for just half an hour, three days a week.

These seminars were extremely informative and imparted an immense amount of diabetes awareness, which has been the goal in Roche and Wasim Akram’s long and fruitful association.

Reported by: Ifrah Waqar
Courtesy: www.roche.com.pk

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