India Maharajahs .v. Pakistani Sultans

“Battle of the Legends”

‘Dubai set to welcome Celebrity Guests to Cricket Extravaganza’

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Twenty20 Cricket has taken the world by storm. The pace of the game offers non-stop entertainment and has brought countless new fans to the sport. As this format of the game is only a few years old, recently retired players never had the opportunity to pit their skills in the quick fire arena. The Battle of the Legends will bring together some of the games most favorite characters for a one off exhibition match in the heart of Dubai.

To be hosted in Dubai on 11th of February 2011, and broadcast to the Asian Continents, an illustrious Indian XI Cricket Team of India’s former greatest Vinod Kambli, Nayan Mongia, Robin Singh, Nikhil Chopra and British Indian player, Vikram Solanki will face a formidable battle against an array of the finest XI of Pakistani Cricket legendary superstars such as Wasim Akram, Shoaib Malik, Azhar Mahmood, M Yousuf, Saqlain Mushtaq and Imran Nazir in a one off 20/20 contest

With the Cricket World Cup just around the corner, this is a time when cricket will be at the forefront of everybody’s minds and what a mouth-watering appetizer, this project will be.

Pakistan .v. India – Unrivalled Passion

Those three magical words … Pakistan versus India… conjure up such colorful images of historic cricketing rivalry on dust-bowl pitches being watched by fanatical and fiercely passionate spectators. These matches are very rare, it is twelve years since the last one and at a time when the international calendar is saturated by so many less memorable fixtures – this one will be eagerly anticipated as there is an almost mythical status to Pakistan-India matches.

Gurukul Sport’s – “Battle of the Legends” is a project with a fundamental aim. It is a project that combines the rich values and passion of one of the biggest world sports: Cricket… with a very real purpose of sports philanthropy and raising monies in aid of charities nominated by each of the teams and host nation.

Preeti Chauhan, Owner of Gurukul sports commented

“Our project is a fusion of national passion, international cricket, Bollywood splendour, contemporary Asian cuisine and international philanthropy. By way of its close links with sport, charity, television, and some of the world’s finest and most successful Sports celebrities, Gurukul Sportswill secure the hearts and minds of thousands of loyal fans and a huge media following. For our fellow Indians and the people of Pakistan, there is no event that creates a bigger frenzy than a cricket match between the nations. Unbending loyalty, unyielding faith and an all-consuming passion for the game seep through their veins when they watch their heroes perform on the big stage. We wanted to bring this to Dubai and look forward very much to February when all the players will be in town”.

Prakash Palande, Official Spokesperson of Gurukul sports added

“The Gurukul Sportsexperience is deeply linked with one of the most passionate and biggest global sports of today: the world of Cricket. With its large, local Sub-Continent fan base and an ever
Increasing European expatriate awareness in Dubai of cricket, our calendar of activities planned for February 2011, have been devised to represent a unique blend of sub continent

Sporting passion, Bollywood celebrity and style, contemporary Asian Cuisine and sports philanthropy. We believe that Dubai is ready to embrace the natural symbiosis of cricket and entertainment. The Gurukul Sports benefit dinner and ancillary celebrations to the cricket, will accommodate cricket fans of every demographic; will capture and thrill them, whilst they interact with cricketing legends of both past and present”.

The press conference which took place at Jumeirah College, on 15th Dec 2010 was immediately followed by a cricketing master class on the school playing fields. 60 children from JC and invited GEMS schools enjoyed an exclusive 1 hour of coaching from the cricketing legends.

Gurukul Sports have pledged 5,000 tickets to the event to Dubai taxi drivers. Tickets will be distributed to the drivers free of charge as they wish to ensure that as many die hard fans of both nations will be able to attend this cricketing showpiece.

Tickets going on general sale will be priced from 25 AED upwards and will be available to purchase online or via a dedicated call centre number, in 1 weeks time.

Full event information is available on the website at