May 4, 2013

Former bowling coach of the Knight Riders tells young captains like Gautam Gambhir must learn from seniors like Rahul Dravid, who know how to manage their aggression.

Sunil Gavaskar had called Kolkata Knight Riders “listless” and their skipper Gautam Gambhir “frustrated.” On Friday, Wasim Akram has slammed the defending champions for their “negative” approach.

With seven defeats in 11 matches, KKR are seventh in the points table with very little chance to make the last-four. Rajasthan Royals are third in the standings (six wins in ten games) and have a good chance to make the top four. Akram writes in his column all credit must go to Rajasthan captain, Rahul Dravid.

Akram has been KKR’s bowling coach till last season. He had been full of praise for Gambhir’s strategies and man management capabilities. But not his time. Gambhir’s on-field brawl with Virat Kohli has seemingly not gone down well with Akram as the former Pakistan speedster says: “Misplaced aggression doesn’t help.”

And then to depict Dravid as a role model, Akram writes: “Dravid has been aggressive throughout, but only with his bat and in his thinking. There lies the difference and young captains need to understand this. They must learn that actions speak louder than words.”

Akram has slammed Kolkata for their “negative” tactics. Saying the defeat against Delhi Daredevils in Raipur on May Day will dampen KKR’s morale, Akram feels “negative” tactics and injuries have hit the team hard.
India name their Champions Trophy squad on Saturday and Gambhir cannot take his place for granted this time around.

Courtesy: NDTV Sports

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