March 14, 2011

Pakistan cricket team as a member of the International Cricket Council is representing the nation yet again in enduring matches of World Cup 2011. With fourteen teams competing in this year’s Cricket World Cup, hopes are still high with an absolute support from every Pakistani for the team to perform well. In every single match, performance has been gauged wisely and results are accelerating optimism in hearts of Pakistani supporters.

Sub-continent, the host of 2011 ICC World Cup witnessing intriguing matches of rival teams with sheer excitement of spectators within the continent and outside. The much awaited tenth Cricket World Cup has been hosted by India, and Co-Hosts Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Matches began on 19 February leaving a trace of diehard efforts to win, chasing scores and make their people proud back home. Nevertheless, not all efforts lasted with flying colors as every defeat led towards victory of other team. Thirty one matches held so far between 14 teams laying down varying results.

Pakistan playing matches under Group ‘A’ showed remarkable teamwork in the first match against Kenya giving massive chase, eventually winning by 205 runs. Second match Pakistan played against Sri Lanka and amazed the spectators with its unmatched performance. Consequently, Pakistan has remained successful in maintaining its glorious victory through three matches including Canada, in a row.

A tinge of disappointment was seen with sudden decline in bowling and fielding on the ground while playing with New Zealand. It apparently, shook the morale of team as few players were criticized for showing inattentive behavior on the field. There still has been wave of optimism seen among Pakistani fans for next match with Zimbabwe, which by performing well can stabilize Pakistan’s position in their respective group.

To peek at other teams playing World Cup 2011, the performances on different fields have now and then remained unprecedented. New Zealand remained successful in maintaining its charm of strong winner team up till now by winning every single match that has been held with other participating teams.

In Group ‘B’ apparently India is leading with highest points but the results would not be finalized as plenty of games have not been played yet. A drawback for England was the defeat faced by Ireland, which eventually lowered England’s ranking in group ‘B’.

The shift in positions might be seen on performance basis or ranking points until Quarter Final, subsequently, teams will encounter exhilarating playoffs between winners of the matches held. Fans inside the country or outside will keep anticipating and cheering their teams with much conviction to be the winner of ICC World Cup 2011.

Written by: Kiran Khalil
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