September 5, 2011

Wasim Akram and Sourav Ganguly are both cricket players of great repute, and both have captained their respective teams. Like Wasim Akram, Ganguly is regarded as one of the most successful captains of his side. Although Ganguly made many cricketing records, yet he has not been included in the Cricket Hall of Fame like Wasim Akram.

Ganguly basically gained recognition as a batsman, whereas Wasim Akram although an all rounder famous for his bowling. Due to in-explainable scandals by some members of the Indian Cricket Team, Sachin Tendulkar resigned his position and Ganguly was appointed captain. Due to a decrease in individual performance, Ganguly was dropped from the team after India lost to Australia in the World Cup.

Wasim Akram was taken off the national team because he was caught between stories. Wasim and Ganguly have faced each other in various matches, and both share a healthy respect for the other’s cricketing prowess. Ganguly scored his maiden double century while playing against Pakistan, after which his place in the team was assured.

Ganguly and Akram are good friends, and Ganguly was very interested to have Wasim Akram as the bowling coach for India. Ganguly comments, that Wasim Akram is the definitely the most outstanding bowler that he has ever faced. Wasim Akram has had hat-tricks in both ODI’s and Test Matches.

Wasim Akram was really surprised that Ganguly was not picked up by any of the teams in the Indian Premier League to play for them, especially the Kolkata Knight Riders, as he is from the same city. Ganguly has always been in awe of Wasim’s reverse swing, because of which he felt that if Wasim coached the Indian team; their bowling performance would be considerable improved.

Despite the fact that Pakistan and India are bitter rivals, this has not affected the friendship between the two great cricketers. Both have captained their teams successfully and both have created or broken international cricket records.

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