January 11, 2011

Early days of Wasim Akram

“First of all, convince yourself that you are the best because the rest of your life is going to go proving this to others” – Wasim Akram

The legend was born on June 3, 1966 in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore. He is a former Pakistani cricketer, who was a left-arm fast bowler and a left-handed batsman. Wasim Akram represented the Pakistani cricket team in Tests and One Day Internationals. He is regarded as one of the finest fast bowlers and holds a record for the most wickets taken in ODIs that are 502.

Early days of Wasim Akram started by playing for his college (Govt. Islamia College) until Imran Khan, former captain of the Pakistani Cricket team discovered the immensely talented player. Wasim Akram earned the nickname “Sultan of Swing” for his accurate control of line and length, genuine pace and ability to swing the ball in and out. His mastery in reverse swing led him earn this gracious title.

Many sports journalists have applauded Wasim Akram’s career by writing numerous clichés but Mr. Siddharth Monga expressed his gratitude by giving an insight of his personality. He said: One thing Wasim Akram showed in his career of 19 years was the tremendous confidence he has even when he was 18 years of age. He has made even the greatest champions envious of him. He always believed that he was the best and surely proved this to the whole world.

Wasim Akram’s greatest achievement was when his name got included in the ICC (International Cricket Council) Hall of Fame. It was his contribution to the game and support of his colleagues which led him earn this honorable title. He has been a keen learner throughout his career and honestly says that he has never spent a day in ICC without halting his process of ongoing learning.

Early days of Wasim Akram includes his debut against New Zealand in Auckland, 1984-85. He was part of the major teams; Lancashire, Hampshire and undoubtedly Pakistan.  Talking about Wasim Akram takes us back to the 1992 World Cup finals. England was racing towards victory where suddenly the young Pakistani lad produced two unplayable balls, knocking out Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis. He has always been at his vintage best. The team always expected magic from him and he always gave his best shot.

The journey of Wasim Akram has been a source of inspiration for all great cricket players. It is really an honor to receive words from Allan Border (former Australian cricketer) that: “If I ever get a chance to reborn I would want to be Wasim”. He has always been a pride to the nation and always pursued cricket to the best interests of Pakistan.

Early days of Wasim Akram to this date, he has been serving the field of cricket. . In a nutshell, Wasim Akram in his true spirit has always been a self-motivated individual with blessings of Al-Mighty Allah (SWT). Great players have always said that Wasim Akram remains the quickest bowler ever seen in 20 years of cricket history.

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