August 2, 2011

This green blue green planet that we all human beings share as our motherland comprises of different cultures, races and creeds. And in spite of differences that transcend borders and generations, human beings have continued to exist with peace and harmony.

A wise man once said:
It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.
Perhaps this holds more ground than just being a pretty set of words.

A single thread connects us all irrespective of our backgrounds and helps us survive peacefully. ‘Compassion’ is fueling the human race and we need every last drop to keep life running. Only compassion can give us a better life be it personal or professional, be it sports or studies. And kindness towards strangers always leaves a positive mark on an individual’s life, we must not think twice before giving a helping hand. Even a single smile can prove to be the only the ray of sunshine in a stranger’s life.

Human beings as God’s superior creation deserve intuitive compassion. We underestimate the power of a kind word or a listening ear that can turn a life around. Go ahead, take a step, reach out and make a difference that will last till the end of time! ~ Wasim Akram.

Charter for Compassion, has proven to be the wisest of initiatives that have surfaced in the 21st century. Owing to the fact that it was developed by an array of thinkers belonging to a diverse group of faiths and nationalities, it has now become a fertile tool in refurbishing compassion among the inhabitants of this earth.
Go ahead, take a step, reach out and make a difference that will last till the end of time!

Charter of Compassion – a few other big names from various walks of life had the following words to describe and support this humanitarian cause:

“Scriptures need interpretation to reach common man. And many a times interpretations end up spreading polarization. Say no to all such interpretations that widen gaps between humans. Choose compassion as your faith. It brings people close. Being compassionate is the best we can do to the humanity.”
Shoaib Mansoor

“The way forward in the 21st century is communication,creativity and compassion. We are going to become a global family of 7 billion citizens in 2011. This ramadhan we can begin to share that spirit of unity by extending our compassion and understanding to every single individual we meet. When you see with the heart all the masks fall down.”
Dr. Salman Ahmad – musician, author,academic and co founder of ssgwi (

“Everything partakes in the same drive, in the same inspiration: eating, breathing, taking care of one’s body, of one’s being and of one’s inner life are mystical, sacred acts, enabling one to reach an absolute by overcoming the self through Love-Compassion.”
Tariq Ramadan

Courtesy: CFC Pakistan – Facebook
Charter for Compassion
CFC Pakistan
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