March 23, 2011

With the commencement of ICC World Cup 2011 teams have shown stupendous performances on the field and concerning behavior in dressing rooms about scoring agenda. A well-managed and high-spirited team is able to knockout confronting opponents in order to make the nation proud back home.

Pakistan has remained successful so far in maintaining their glory on the field. It has topped group ‘A’ by staying victorious and smashing West Indies in the first Quarter-Final, on 23rd March- Pakistan Resolution Day, bestowing nation with a gift of glorious victory.

Throughout every single match played by divergent teams, moments of victory were marked bringing about memorable change in the history of cricket world cup matches. Talking of those moments include names of best players from best teams like Shahid Afridi, Ravi Rampal, Kumar Sangakkara, IJL Trott, Kemar Roach and others.

In the last match, First Quarter-Final against West Indies, Afridi spilled the magic over the field with his unbeaten performance, taking 4 wickets and able to sustain his position of highest wicket taker in the tournament up till now. His hard work got paid off making a break through by sending Ramnaresh Srawan to pavilion, eventually taking 3 more wickets during the innings.

Roach on the other hand, made history claiming first Hat-trick while playing against Netherlands, which has become his best figure in ODI’s. Roach has given the wonderful moment of success to his team by taking 6 wickets with immense confidence.

Another moment to be remembered till the next world cup arrives is when Kumar Sangakarra, one of the best players of Sri Lanka scored highest with an average of 121.66 and secured top position in 6 matches. Likewise, IJ Trott is seen at the second position in top ranking, with 336 runs and 6 matches.

The top-notch players are able to produce colossal alteration in existing figures anticipated by spectators around the world. Therefore, the scores made so far have been creating new records in ICC World Cup 2011.
The game between West Indies and India became intriguing when Ravi Rampaul took 5 wickets and upheld a knock of 51. It is now marked as one of his best performances in ODI. Rampaul made it crucial with his first strike by sending Sachin Tendulkar to pavilion and then using reverse swing to crash the stumps against Virat Kohli.

A whole new turn in performances has been seen in the ICC World Cup 2011 which eradicated a pre-conceived notion of winning the trophy by world champions of last World Cup. With striving victories and declining fall downs of performances, the ship containing fourteen teams is now on the verge of reaching its destination with one cup to win after marvelous play offs.

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