January 13, 2011

They say cricket runs through veins of each soul on the sub-continent soil. For every cricket lovelorn here’s the news of the century, a history changing match is to be played between Pakistan and India that will take place in the Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium on the 11th of February 2011 – Battle of the Legends. This charity event is a vision of Gurukul Sports aiming to bring two rich cultures together on their common love for cricket.

Pakistani Sultans
1. Wasim Akram (Captain)
2. Mohammed Yusuf
3. Imran Nazir
4. Azhar Mahmood
5. Saqlain Mushtaq
6. Shoaib Malik
7. Kamran Younis
8. Sajid Mahmood
9. Atiq-uz-Zaman (Wicket Keeper)
10. Shabbir Ahmed
11. Bilal Khilji
12. Babar Ali

Indian Maharajas
1. Yet to be disclosed (Captain)
2. Vinod Kambli
3. Robin Singh
4. Vikram Solanki
5. Usman Tariq
6. Nayan Mongia (Wicket keeper)
7. Nikhil Chopra
8. Amit Bhandari
9. Prakash Palande
10. Musavir Asmat Khote
11. Sarandeep Singh
12. Rakeb Mahmood

Time now to see, who gets to rule the Kingdom…!!!

Written by – Ifrah Waqar
For more information – info@wasimakramlive.com

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